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7 November 2022

TipRanks and Delta Capita partner to help banks boost investor services

Written by Uri Gruenbaum – CEO of TipRanks

Financial services companies are working hard to provide an exceptional digital experience to customers. They need to do this while also keeping costs down and taking care not to compromise regulatory compliance and risk management. The technology partners they choose to help achieve these goals have become critical.

Delta Capita, the financial services division of Prytek, supports its banking clients with actionable research tools for their retail and institutional investors. It does this through a powerful partnership with TipRanks, a Prytek portfolio company.

Prytek builds global businesses with end-to-end platforms, innovative products and solutions, and operational efficiencies that allow enterprises to reshape strategies for long-term growth.

It also builds vertically integrated ecosystems in financial services by combining proprietary technologies and top-tier managed services under one roof.

By working together, Delta Capita and TipRanks create a formidable ecosystem. Both firms are powered by a wealth of market-leading technology through Prytek, which gives them an extensive suite of proprietary tools and enables them to provide their customers with a range of cutting-edge solutions.

For example, TipRanks offers innovative technology to help its customers stay head of the curve on regulation, compliance, and operations.

The TipRanks advantage

TipRanks is a multi-award winning research service that brings transparency to capital markets. It provides over 50 leading banks, exchanges, and trading platforms around the world with interactive stock research and idea-generating tools.

Every institution that incorporates TipRanks’ tools reports improved user retention and engagement – a 100% success record. This includes some of the biggest financial services brands such as Nasdaq, Morgan Stanley, TD Bank, CIBC, Santander, and many other leading global institutions. 

Furthermore, banks that incorporate TipRanks tools also report a 15% uptick in user activity within 12 months. Data also shows that customers spend up to 285% more time using TipRanks’ products during periods of market volatility.

Strong synergies and market domination

TipRanks has become the mainstream and alternative data provider to Delta Capita’s banking clients. The combination of TipRanks’ success in North America and Delta Capita’s executive team and track record creates strong synergies that helps banks acquire customers much more quickly and cheaply.

These synergies will help both companies win more long-term agreements. Through Prytek’s ecosystem, TipRanks and Delta Capita will ultimately come to dominate the market research sector for banks. To get in touch with TipRanks today, click here.