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7 November 2022

Hirewell and Rainmakers create powerful synergies in recruitment tech

Written by Michael Ferguson – CEO of Rainmakers

Rainmakers is already the leading recruitment platform for technology salespeople. But recently becoming part of Hirewell, the tech-enabled recruiting division of Prytek, has taken us to the next level. It enables us to become part of a vertically integrated value chain in recruitment tech with exciting synergies and integration opportunities.

Rainmakers makes internal recruiting teams more efficient through automation. This is essential in today’s uncertain economic environment, where companies are more budget-conscious but need to keep hiring the best salespeople to maintain growth. With limited hiring budgets, Rainmakers helps firms efficiently fill their talent pipelines with the best salespeople and scale their hiring.

Prytek is a multinational company that builds vertically integrated ecosystems in the financial services, education, and HR sectors. It does this by combining proprietary technologies and top-tier managed services under one roof. Prytek builds global businesses with end-to-end business operating platform-as-a-service (BOPaaS) and SaaS offerings. These create innovative products and solutions with operational efficiencies, allowing enterprises to reshape strategies for long-term growth.

By acquiring Rainmakers, Hirewell has created a tech-enabled talent ecosystem. Rainmakers has become the tip of the spear that sells into organisations. It provides an easy access point for Hirewell to start relationships with companies. From there, we can expand the connections to maximise value for clients.

The benefits of Rainmakers

Rainmakers have several advantages over traditional recruiting agencies. 

We can fit into recruiting or tools budgets, and into multiple departments

Some companies lack recruiting budgets or reserve them for specific roles or levels. But many do have budgets for technologies like Applicant Tracking Systems and LinkedIn Recruiter. Rainmakers gives clients flexibility as our platform can fall into either a recruiting or tools budget.

In many organisations, tools and recruiting budgets fall under different departments. For example, sales recruiting fees will come from the sales team personnel budget, but all recruiting tools fall under the recruiting department budget. Rainmakers can work with multiple departments.

We help firms meet diversity hiring goals

Diversity hiring is a priority for companies. They often allocate budgets for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. At Rainmakers, we focus strongly on DEI, with 54% diversity among our hires. We can also fall into a company’s DEI budget.

The Rainmakers Wow factor

There are many agencies competing to provide sales recruitment services, but Rainmakers is the leading technology solution. Our value proposition and product stand out. Our clients get excited about the pain points we solve – especially when they see a live demonstration of the product.

A comprehensive recruiting solution

The synergies between Rainmakers and Hirewell are powerful. Rainmakers is a great entry point for business development. Hirewell has a strong brand and deep ties in the recruiting sector. Combining them creates great opportunities to sell, develop more business, and maximise client value.

Moreover, companies can have different needs depending on stage, size, sector, and location. Some may require more active management or need help with specific roles. In these scenarios, Rainmakers technology run by Hirewell recruiters may be a more optimal solution.

In this way, the combination of Hirewell and Rainmakers through Prytek’s ecosystem creates a one-stop solution that can meet the hiring needs of any size of company in any sector – from start-ups to massive enterprises. To contact us and learn more, click here.