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24 June 2021

Driving Digital Transformation with a Comprehensive Ecosystem

The digital age has transformed everything about the way we do business, and the pandemic has only accelerated the adoption of technology in the workplace. In 2020 alone, 39% of CEOs have made digital transformation a top priority. And that shouldn’t be a surprise. Since 2016, companies have seen increases in revenue and reduction costs after investing in digital solutions. In fact, Deloitte reported that companies who had invested in their digital infrastructure reported up to 45% higher revenue growth.

However, it’s clear that there are some barriers to entry, often due to misconceptions. For example, nearly one-third of businesses believe digital transformation is expensive. This belief lies in the fact that companies often have to choose between developing digital solutions in-house, acquiring startups, or depending on an ecosystem they don’t need. And many fail to factor in the long-term cost savings in terms of fewer regulation penalties or cyber vulnerabilities, fewer inaccuracies, and increased productivity.

At Prytek, we offer an alternate route that combines customization and an ecosystem of cutting-edge technology solutions. AI, a tool that can boost business productivity by 40%, is one major technology that Prytek has in its innovative system. For example, London-based BlackSwan Data is the world’s first enterprise AI operating system. As a part of Prytek’s technology division and ecosystem, BlackSwan helps organisations in rapidly solving complex business problems and drive millions in revenue increases.

But that’s not the only tool clients can take advantage of. Cyberhat, an online portal to control SOC allows for streamlined compliance and security. KYC compliance is another major factor, of which Prytek brings in Delta Capita’s Karbon, a platform that uses NLP and real-time automated data collection for faster and more accurate risk and credit assessments. But there are many other solutions as a part of this ecosystem that range from infrastructure to customer service and education.

Unlike other vendors, Prytek offers clients not only innovative solutions for digital transformation but also support via managed services to streamline implementation and customization. Clients can transfer the operations of their non-differentiating activities through Prytek’s Business Operating Platform-as-a-Service (BOPaaS) offering and respective verticals and divisions within Prytek, such as Financial Services Delta Capita, as well as cyber and tech education platform HackerU.

It is important to remember that what drives digital transformation isn’t just numbers on a spreadsheet or access to new technology – it is the relationships you build with your customers. Creating a seamless digital experience will enhance your customers’ lives, help your employees focus on objective-critical tasks, and propel your organization forward while helping your operations adjust and boosting your bottom line.

To learn more about how Prytek can help you transform your operations, contact us today.

Author: Andrey Yashunsky, CEO and Founder, Prytek