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17 November 2022

Building a powerful partnership to help close the global cyber skills gap

Written by Gil Adani, Founder & Co-CEO of ThriveDX

Human vulnerability is the biggest risk in cybersecurity and one of the most pressing challenges facing organizations worldwide. Criminals exploit employees as the weakest link when launching fraud campaigns and cyberattacks. There is an urgent need for regular, in-depth training to help organizations fend off this threat.

A 2022 Fortinet study shows most organizations struggle to recruit (60%) and retain (52%) cybersecurity talent; and 67% agree this shortage adds risk for their organizations. A 2022 ThriveDX study found 65% of security leaders and IT professionals say cybersecurity awareness programs need to expand.

ThriveDX and Prytek have joined forces to become a powerful global influence in helping companies close this digital skills and awareness gap through upskilling and reskilling.

Upskilling cybersecurity training

To minimize the human risk, experienced workers need to upskill to stay current on how to defend against the latest cyberthreats. ThriveDX’s advanced courses upskill cybersecurity personnel to excel in this area.

This training is also relevant to executives and managers, who are often the weakest link in an organization’s cyber defenses. They do not need to become cybersecurity experts, however it is critical that they keep up to date with evolving threats, and know how to avoid phishing and other malicious campaigns.

Reskilling cybersecurity training

ThriveDX’s reskill training is for people with little or no experience in cybersecurity. It offers comprehensive, in-depth learning that prepares them for their first job in the field. The course focuses on cybersecurity but also covers coding and other high-tech areas.

ThriveDX provide their unique reskill training in partnership with top-tier universities worldwide, but with a strong focus in the US.

Candidates are vetted to make sure they have the ability to succeed in this field. Reskill training starts with an introduction course of 30 to 40 hours, followed by tests for those who are ready. It then extends to the one-year course, which takes approximately 400 hours.

The training includes lots of practical knowledge, and on completion graduates are highly employable and ready for work. Tens of thousands of people have completed this course over the last 15 years.

ThriveDX and Prytek create a powerful team

As a leader in digital skills training, ThriveDX partners with leading academic institutions and companies worldwide to offer advanced professional development programs in digital technologies. Uniquely, they combine cybersecurity training needs into one comprehensive training platform.

In January 2022, global technology and investment company Prytek completed its strategic investment in ThriveDX. This brought Prytek’s total investment in ThriveDX to more than $100 million.

Prytek’s investment has been the most important factor in ThriveDX’s exponential growth. Before this investment, ThriveDX was in local markets and only starting their journey towards globalization.

Prytek’s support enabled ThriveDX to keep investing and grow into new geographies to help close the global digital talent gap. For example, they have since opened markets in Poland and India.

Collaborations and strategic partnership with Hirewell

One benefit of working with Prytek is that ThriveDX are now working on a strategy in partnership with Hirewell, Prytek’s talent acquisition and HR technology arm. One of Hirewell’s main demographics is US graduates. ThriveDX plan to integrate their upskilling programs with Hirewell’s talent acquisition strategy to help fill the gap in cybersecurity roles by placing their top graduates in US companies.

ThriveDX have also signed a collaboration with Exclusive Networks in Europe to continuously develop cyber talent. Finally, in the US, ThriveDX are offering cybersecurity bootcamps and certificates in collaboration with the University of Chicago, Penn State, and Central Florida University.

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