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13 May 2020

Prytek’s Portfolio Company ProoV Teamed Up With AWS Service Catalog To Deploy Enterprise PoC

Israel, May 12, 2020 – Now enterprises can run proofs-of-concept in a scalable, secure and managed way directly from the AWS Service Catalog.

A member of the Prytek Group ProoV, the world’s first and only proof-of-concept (PoC) platform has strategically integrated with AWS Service Catalog. Enterprises can now leverage ProoV to build a custom proof-of-concept platform that evaluates and implements solutions at scale, directly to their AWS Service Catalog, while remaining secure and compliant.

Until today, conducting a proof-of-concept before deployment was a necessary evil of corporate innovation – a frustrating bottleneck. ProoV empowers enterprises to run proofs-of-concept in a fraction of the time and cost by setting up the environment with AWS CloudFormation. Once the evaluation is completed, the third-party software selected can then be deployed directly to an enterprise’s AWS Service Catalog.

AWS Service Catalog enables enterprises to create and manage catalogs of IT services approved for use on AWS, ranging from virtual machine images, servers, software, and databases to complete multi-tier application architectures in one central location. The strategic integration ensures that enterprises can:

– Compare multiple solutions before final purchase
– Evaluate multiple third-party software options against business and technology KPIs
– Test new software configurations and fine-tune as needed before deployment

“CIOs today need to make quick, yet insightful decisions on which application is best for their business,” said Toby Olshanetsky, CEO and co-founder of ProoV. “Using ProoV, enterprises can assess multiple technologies simultaneously to identify feature sets, scaling challenges, performance bottlenecks, and security risks before releasing an application to production. This strategic integration with AWS gives organizations an extra level of assurance on how a new solution will operate in its production environment before implementation.”

ProoV for Prytek

For Prytek Holding having ProoV as a portfolio company is significant as it enables enterprise clients to build a custom PoC that evaluates and implements solutions at scale, directly to their AWS Service Catalog, while remaining secure and compliant.

Prytek established one of the leading platforms in Europe providing solutions across global financial and educational markets. Focusing on long-term relationships with clients Prytek builds global businesses using technologies and services of its portfolio companies and subsidiaries to create large scale end-to-end solution companies.

For further ProoV and AWS Service Catalog integrated solution overview and instructions are detailed in the following link.