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4 April 2020

Prytek increased its investments in Israeli CX software Revuze to $3 million

Israel, March 25, 2020 – Investment Holding Prytek supported Revuze, the first company to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) in consumer analysis to both brand and product management, by investing in series A, despite the coronavirus crisis. Now total funding rounds from Prytek exceeded $3 million.

Ido Ramati, Founder of Revuze

Based in Singapore, Prytek Holdings is an investment group that invests in mainly technology, fintech and operations-as-a-service companies. The firm’s portfolio has assets under management of over $300 million, with its sweet spot in areas such as artificial intelligence, cyber security, edutech, fintech and human resources.

Revuze is an Israeli market research company offering an all-automated customer opinions analyzer. Its product is built around a self-learning artificial intelligence and therefore unconstrained by human imagination, so it is able to go deeper than any existing product and provide data-driven insights never seen before.

The system can undertake a deeper and more significant analysis than any other product currently available on the market and provide insights based on data that it has not previously been possible to obtain. Assisted by Revuze, any business user can for the first time make decisions based on data without requiring the help of analysts, data scientists, information technologists, and the like.

Revuze recently began to provide its customers with customer loyalty reports such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) and measuring their consumer satisfaction (CSAT) as well as that of their rivals. All this is in real-time and for the first time without needing to conduct customer satisfaction surveys. During the current coronavirus crisis, with all customers switching to buy every product online, understanding the customer’s needs becomes even more important.

Revuze CEO Boaz Grinvald says: “I’m excited to strengthen our successful partnership with Prytek, who has recognized the revolution Revuze is bringing to global brands. We are the first to make deep market insights available to any business user from the comfort of their desk at an affordable price. No more standing in line for data or waiting on research to come back. Now any business role can make the best possible decisions.”

International investment group Prytek in addition to the capital investment has set up for its portfolio companies international marketing, distribution, and sales network for the companies’ products which brings in additional revenue. In the case of Revuze, Prytek has established a successful marketing network for the company’s products in several countries.

Prytek Investment Group Founder and Managing Partner Andrey Yashunsky: “The investment in the company expresses our belief in Revuze and the distribution network that we have created. In our portfolio of companies are many ventures that can help Revuze’s technology and we will continue to leverage the product and produce maximum profitability from it.”

The Series A financing builds on strong market adoption from fortune 500 companies that leverage our data for faster data-driven decision making. This funding will be used to ramp up Revuze sales and marketing efforts and hire bright talents for our R&D department.