Building the legacy businesses of the future

Prytek began its operations in 2017 and has since grown into a multinational technology corporation with a focus on “tech-based operational managed services” in the Financial and Educational sectors

Prytek’s operations have a strong competitive advantage due to Prytek’s unrivaled access to deep-tech technology. Prytek currently holds interest in c. 50 tech companies and solutions that transform Prytek’s operating segments into smart solutions and services with unique product offerings and higher profit margins

How we deliver our strategy

Prytek’s business model relies on two interconnected business divisions:

  • Alpha – our operational business, providing managed services to the financial services, and education markets

  • Beta – our investment corporate venture arm, focused on investing in growth-stage companies that transform our operating businesses into smart solutions and services with unique product offerings and higher profit margins.

We build legacy assets

Prytek builds global legacy businesses. It empowers people, entrepreneurs, companies and communities by delivering unique, transformative and impactful solutions. Since Prytek is a corporation and not a fund, it has a long-term strategy. This means that it focuses on creating a solid long-lasting foundations, building operations that are here to last.

We reshape the industry

Prytek offers a revolutionary approach to investing, providing investors with higher returns at a lower risk compared to other investment classes. The synergies between the high-return technology portfolio and the cash flow generating mature managed service companies, change the risk/reward model and provide unparalleled returns to investors.