Building the legacy businesses of the future

Prytek is a multinational corporation focusing on technology investments and Operations-as-a-Service. Headquartered in Singapore, Prytek builds global businesses using technologies and services of its portfolio companies and subsidiaries to create large-scale solution companies. Prytek builds the legacy businesses of the future, creating vertically integrated ecosystems that provide revolutionary solutions

We build legacy assets

Prytek builds global legacy businesses. It empowers people, entrepreneurs, companies and communities by delivering unique, transformative and impactful solutions. Since Prytek is a corporation and not a fund, it has a long-term investment horizon. This means that it focuses on creating a solid long-lasting foundations, instead of merely securing an exit for its portfolio companies.

We reshape the industry

Prytek offers a revolutionary approach to investing, providing investors with higher returns at a lower risk compared to other investment classes. The synergies between the high-return venture portfolio and the cash flow generating mature service companies, change the risk/reward model and provide unparalleled returns to investors.

We create vertically integrated ecosystems

Prytek invests in innovative tech and service companies to build global businesses around their technologies. Prytek creates a unique synergy between its investments and businesses, enabling managed service providers, integrators, technology advisors, and entrepreneurs to find their next growth engines.

The Prytek network of partnerships offers a decentralized ecosystem of software solutions and services built to scale. Each node in the network/ecosystem is a dynamic economic unit that represents ad-hoc or long-terms business relationships between portfolio companies and regional partners.