Building Vertically Integrated Ecosystems

We have combined top tier managed service companies and leading proprietary technology under one roof via a decentralized organizational structure.



Prytek is a multinational technology corporation with a focus on “building technologies and delivering managed services”


About Us

Through the combination of cutting-edge technology and managed services headed by industry experts, Prytek builds businesses and ecosystems in the Financial Services, Cyber Training and Talent Solutions sectors.

Prytek builds global businesses with an end-to-end Business Operating Platform-as-a-Service (BOPaaS) and SaaS offerings that create innovative products and solutions with meaningful operational efficiencies, allowing global enterprises to reshape their strategies for long-term growth.

How An Air Marshal’s Cover Story Became A Global Technology Corporation
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Prytek Appoints Noga Knaz as CEO of its Venture Capital Arm, Prytek Ventures
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Prytek owned prooV(TM) and QAssure Technologies merge into 1TX
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