Revuze automatically turns unstructured consumer feedback real-time from any source into deep product/service intelligence. Cloud and subscription-based solution.

Blackswan Technologies is an artificial intelligence platform based on Big Data that was developed for electronic intelligence and risk management at the level of governmental and international organizations and has been adapted for collection and analysis of information for commercial clients in the financial market, in insurance, for auditing or corporate security. is a universal platform for data processing and analysis, in which the algorithms of machine learning, deep structured learning, and signal processing were combined for the first time in the market. The system makes it possible to automate any project requiring intelligent data processing and mathematical modeling from virtually any field. At the same time, provides high accuracy, speed and significant (up to 90 %) reduction in expenses for such projects.

Сronus offers a next-generation vulnerability management tool as well as the world’s first Automated pen testing solution, that continuously showcases validated, global, multi-vector, Attack Path Scenarios ™ (APS), so you can focus your time and resources on those vulnerabilities that threaten your critical assets and business processes

Paygilant is a platform for protecting from fraud the user transactions that are conducted on mobile devices using NFC, QR code scanning or in applications. In most cases, Paygilant does not in any way interfere with the payment for goods and services via a smartphone, but if the transaction causes suspicion, it warns about it and requires an additional verification of the payment.

Zebrainy is a game development studio focused on creating fun educational games for kids on smartphones and tablets.

FROO creates commercially successful projects of mass online training, from course development to marketing and training support.

An Israeli training college and placement center which offers professional enrichment IT and Cyber Security courses geared towards large and small companies, as well as private customers.

App for payments, savings and spending that is regulated by the parents that is on your kid’s phone.

Enterprise API integration and mamagement platform

Set of service technologies that “injects” digital into call flows, agent interaction and in- branch experience, resulting in improved and consistent, and efficient customer journey.

HopOn is a unique cloud solution that makes it possible to instantly pay for public transport via a smartphone using ultrasonic signal transmission technology and Bluetooth. HopOn helps lower the expenses for equipment and ticket sales, reduces transport downtime during passenger boarding and supports the possibility of monitoring the system operation in real time.

Ezbob is a full-fledged network platform for lending to small and mid-sized business clients that automatically evaluates credit risks and possibility of lending, calculates the most suitable loan amount for the client and transfers the funds to their account without the need to visit a bank’s outlet and sign any documents.

Way2VAT is a revolutionary platform for the return of VAT and recording of expenses made during foreign business trips. The system greatly simplifies these processes for the companies whose employees frequently travel to Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, Africa and the Middle East, and allows them to automatically return a portion of the funds spent.

Tipranks is a Big Data system that collects data on the network using the NLP algorithms and creates rankings of financial analysts, hedge fund managers, financial bloggers and corporate insiders taking into account their real ability to bring profit and give financial and competitive advice to potential investors.

Scanovate is a unique technological platform that automatically detects, collects and saves almost any text data from documents in real time using its own OCR (optical character recognition) system and a smartphone or tablet camera. Scanovate helps significantly simplify the process of paying bills, executing mobile payments and transactions with credit cards. In addition, the platform helps get higher conversion rates in mobile commerce.

CoBoxapp is a platform for making group payments. CoBox allows groups of people to collect money in a single e-wallet, manage these funds and make joint purchases with them, regardless of what banks and payment systems service the accounts of its individual participants.

The first and only PoC-as-a-Service platform, ProoV accelerates smart, secure technology adoption, critical for enterprises' survival and growth.


Intervyo is a solution for automated interviewing and evaluation of potential employees that uses complex algorithms and can “foretell” the applicants’ future performance and their potential for each vacancy on the basis semantic and nonverbal analysis and machine learning algorithms.

ICV is a platform for recruiting employees for IT companies. Candidates of any level can fill in a special form that indicates their skills using a mobile application, and the system will offer them a list of suitable employers with a similar set of requirements. The same application is used for the first contact with the employer and setting of the interview time; in addition, the entire process of processing the application is absolutely transparent for the candidate.

Know everything about your suppliers & vendors from China & India online.

Realytics is a cutting edge technology for clients behavior tracking and marketing based on the usage of wi-fi data and ultrasonic signals integrated with mobile devices

Apester provides the tools to create, distribute, and monetize interactive content in a way consumers love

Enables consumers to pay for their Retail or Web purchases using their existing credit cards and divide the total cost across as many interest-free payments as they choose, without completing a credit application or qualifying for a new credit line.

DOV-E provides instant & secure wireless‭ ‬
mobile connectivity using the always “on” audio interface‭.‬

A multifunctional online platform that quickly learns customers’ behavior and personalizes their entire shopping experience based on this data and built-in algorithms of predictive analytics.

World Chess Club is a club in the center of Moscow where you can drink and play chess