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Most of our portfolio companies originate from Israel

Israeli economics[1]

  • 1st in the world in growth level of innovative companies
  • 1st in the world in R&D expenses share in GDP (4.3%)
  • World’s highest number of patents per capita
  • 5th on Bloomberg’s Index of the most innovative countries
  • 1st in the world in IT share in GDP


1st in the world in number of venture deals per capita
World #3 in NASDAQ listed tech companies, after US and China
In 2018, 103 Israeli high-tech companies had an exit for total of $12.6B


Over 100 multinational corporations have R&D centres in Israel
(including Microsoft, Motorola, Google, Apple, Facebook,
Berkshire-Hathaway, Intel, HP, Siemens, GE,
IBM, Philips, Cisco, IBM, J&J, etc.)

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