Prytek revolutionized the VC and tech distribution models

  • PRYTEK created a revolutionizing business model whereby it invests in cutting-edge Israeli tech companies and (unlike VC funds) distributes their products through its Global Distribution Arm, using a smart distribution network.
  • This unique synergetic model between investments and distribution leverages investors’ money and generates cash flow for the portfolio companies and PRYTEK, boosting valuations.
  • PRYTEK’s fast global expansion is done through a network of local partners and entrepreneurs who are trained by PRYTEK and then, with PRYTEK, form new businesses for local distribution and usage of PRYTEK’s portfolio products.
  • Our vision is to become the strongest platform for venture-backed tech companies in the world.

This new model addresses what investors seek most: HIGHER RETURNS (IRR), IN SHORTER TIME FRAME, AT LOWER RISK: